Shenzhen White Company is an equipment manufacturing enterprise specializing in the research and development of adhesive tape equipment. It specializes in mass production of simple automatic cutting tables, single-axis automatic cutting tables, dual-axis automatic cutting tables, protective film automatic cutting tables, and AB adhesive lamination. Machine, OCA optical adhesive laminating slitting machine, Shenzhen rewinding machine, Shenzhen adhesive tape slitting machine, etc. Since its establishment in 2000, the company has introduced advanced overseas technology, through its own continuous improvement and improvement, after 16 years of efforts, it has now It has become a quality product with good price-performance ratio in the Pearl River Delta tape equipment market. Its customers are located in 24 provinces in China, and its exports are exported to Russia, South Korea, the United States, Australia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Pakistan, India, South Africa and other countries and regions. And enjoy a good reputation in the field of production of slitting and winding equipment in China. Major customers include: 3M in the United States, Yongda Tape in China, Yongyi Tape, Siwei Tape, Huaxia Packaging, Fuzhou Adhesive, Yahua Technology, Yutong Group, Wuhan Building Materials Design and Research Institute, Yidu Paper, Vida Industrial, Junda Optoelectronics, Burne Optics, AAC America and Europe Electronics, Foxconn, Oplint, Xinhongyu, Guanheng Optoelectronics, Diguang Optoelectronics, Purui Optoelectronics, Kungang Holding Group, etc.

Six reasonsfor choosing white
Professional, ultimate, word-of-mouth, fast quality to help you succeed
  • Strong production strength

    It has more than 50 experts in machining, R & D and commissioning < br > 15 years of professional manufacturing experience.

  • Professional material selection, lasting performance

    The core parts are imported from Japan, Germany and Taiwan,
    with stable performance and durability.

  • High standard quality requirements

    The qualified rate of high-quality products is as high as% 99 < br > so that customers can really rest assured.

  • High cost performance, better performance

    Import core parts, electrical appliances and higher cost performance,
    so that customers can get better products with less price.

  • Perfect the configuration of logistics center

    White has a complete logistics distribution center, products are sold all over the country
    you can enjoy White's service in the whole country.

  • Perfect after sales service

    Reply within 5 minutes and solve the problem within 24 hours after the equipment repair, truly
    ensure the interests of customers.

company's product
Experts in slitting, slitting and coiling equipment manufacturing
Sturdy, durable, your best choice
  • A

    Strong production capacity

    Has more than 50 people plus a mechanical, R & D, commissioning expert team, 15 years of professional manufacturing experience.

  • B

    Imported core parts

    The core components are imported from Japan, Germany and Taiwan, with stable performance and durability.

  • C

    High standards, high requirements, and guaranteed quality

    The pass rate of the product in one inspection is as high as 97%, and the pass rate of the finished product is 100%.

  • D

    360-degree service system, so you have no worries

    Perfect logistics distribution center, delivery within 4 days of normal production cycle, zero delay.

We promise to give you the best quality products and services

  • More than 50 people

    R & D team
  • 100+

    Quality products

  • 10,00+

  • Nationwide

    Service chain