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Slitting Machine
High Speed Adhesive Tapes Slitting Machine
High Speed Adhesive Tapes Slitting Machine Conventional TypeOptionally AddAutomatic LabelingOptionally Add Noise Reduction ...

High Speed Adhesive Tapes Slitting Machine

Conventional Type

Optionally Add Automatic Labeling

Optionally Add Noise Reduction Silencer


1.  Paper Pipe Piercing Machine

2. Paper core Cutting Machine

3.  Mini-type Rewinding Machine

Installation of noise abatement devices installation of silencer

Best noise reduction design,based on the increasingly forming technology of special adhesive tapes,high speed slitting with further optimization. 

High Efficiency

300m/min High Speed Slitting

New patented noise reduction silencer with 70% less noise. 

High efficiency without stopping up and down winding shaft, increasing production efficiency by more than 20%.

10” touch screen control, meter or yard labeling distance, deceleration distance automatic conversion, simple and convenient. 

Patent technology without lock head automatic shaft hanging technology, greatly reduce the failure rate and industrial injury probability, improve more than 20% work efficiency.

Swinging and coiling 8 semi-finished products with Jumbo rolls of waste, saving rewinding time.

Automatic labeling to reduce labor intensity.

Automatic rewinding within 500 meters of 4 shafts.


Safety design to prevent accidents, each detail through rigorous and meticulous humanized industrial design, everywhere reflects practical and beautiful.

High Hardware Configuration

All electrical and mechanical components are equipped with the same technology as the leading products of the industry, and are processed to a higher standard to ensure the performance and service life of the equipment.