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HT-808 Double Shafts Rewinding Machine
HT-808 Double Shafts Rewinding Machine Automatic recording length,flip to change shaft,auto.labeling,auto.cut,auto.smoo...

Automatic recording length,flip to change shaft,auto.labeling,auto.cut,auto.smoothing,HTXY-07 Silencer.

Uses and Characteristics:

The coil Rewinding Machine is used to rewind various adhesive tape coils and some cohesionless material coils,for instance,BOPP Tape,Double Sided Tape,Masking Tape,PVC Tape,PET Tape, Duct Tape,PE Foam Tape,3M Tape Series,Polyester Film Tape,Kapton Tape,Mara Silicone Tape,PE Protective Film,Copper Foil,Aluminum Foil,Non-woven Fabric and Release Paper,etc.

Optional new silencer, BOPP、Mara Tapes and other high noise materials silencing rate of more than 70%. 

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