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Optical Bonding and Stripping Cutting Machine
Optical Bonding and Stripping Cutting Machine 1.3m,1.6m,2.0mLength Type: 1.3m,1.6m& 2.0mAccording to the process of materi...


Length Type: 1.3m,1.6m & 2.0m

According to the process of material industry,multi-layer materials,stripping-layer materials,stripping and bonding is realized,optional combination.

It is mainly used for bonding, splitting and rewinding of optical materials. Such as: light, diffusion, white back, silver back, three layers of PET protective film, hardening PET、OCA Optical Glue, AB glue and other materials bonding and Strip. Suitable for Tape Die Cutting, Backlighting, Photoelectricity and other industries. Can be up and down film, no stop stripping function, has a strong anti-scratch performance.

Remarks: The specific width and configuration plan are subject to the actual conditions.