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Matters needing attention for safe operation of laminating slitting machine
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-03-12

Laminating and slitting machineThe installation does not use the end of construction as a standard. The commissioning, testing, trial operation, and acceptance of equipment are all examples.Laminating and slitting machineImportant process in installation project management. so. Safety is the most important, thenLaminating and slitting machineWhat are the safe operating procedures? Let's take a look!

1. Power transmission. Close the air switch in the control cabinet, the power indicator of the slitter is on, pay attention that the fingers cannot touch the terminal, be careful of electric shock, and endanger the safety.

2. Roll on the curtain. Open and guide the safety chuck, hang the curtain roll, close the safety chuck, separate the curtain and the adhesive tape, and wind the curtain onto the winding drum.

3. Manually spread adhesive tape. The guide is driven to manual, the forward rotation is jogged, and the tape is manually dragged through the correction roller, tension roller, brake roller and driving roller.

4. Pull the line. Cut the tape with scissors according to the size of the tape to be produced, then draw the thread and fix it on the thread drawing roller.

5. Upper curling roller. Remove the square shaft at the end of the take-up shaft, install 30 nylon reels, then install the upper shaft, open the take-up safety chuck, and install the take-up shaft. Reel 1 and reel 2 operate in the same way.

6. Put on the tape head. Stretch the rubber strip to a suitable position, and wind the rubber strip onto the reel. Pay attention to the length of the rubber strip to keep the tension of the rubber strip uniform.

7. Adjust the tension. Adjust the take-up tension to between 6.5-10 and the guide tension to between 10-15. Note that as the take-up diameter increases, the crimp tension increases appropriately to ensure consistent tape tension.

8. Adjust the winding speed. Adjust the take-up speed within the required range. Note that the take-up speed should not be too large at start-up to avoid tracking error correction. It can be adjusted to 20 and then increase the speed.

9. Start the machine. After the above operation is completed, press the start button, after one or two rotations, observe whether there is any deviation of the reel rubber strip. If so, stop winding, adjust the position, and continue to rotate. At the same time, pay attention to the position of the thread pulling thread to adjust the start and stop of the thread pulling to prevent the thread from pulling off or pinching the thread.

10. Adjust the tightness of the take-up rubber strip. If there is slack in the rubber strip, it is generally due to the thickness of the rubber strip that causes the winding diameter to become smaller. You can add a plastic pad to increase the diameter to increase the diameter to ensure that the tension is consistent with other rubber strips.

11. Stop the machine after winding up. When the curling diameter reaches 160 mm, stop the machine.

12. Remove the product. Cut the rubber strip, loosen the safety chuck, lift down the take-up shaft, take down the lower shaft, remove the product, pay attention to separate the product in time, do not stack together, to prevent sticking together.

13. Prepare for the next winding.

14. If you don't use the machine for a long time, please turn offLaminating and slitting machinemain switch.