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Industry knowledge
Analysis of abnormal operation of rewinder
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-03-12

WinderCause analysis of abnormal operation:

1,WinderCommon anomaly one, the copying, the length of the core tube is correct, after the core tube is lowered to the front section of the track, the trolley does not push the core tube to the corresponding position of the rear section, the core tube is accumulated in the front section, and the upper tube is automatically stopped. Abnormal reason: unknown (no abnormality in the instrument control inspection), solution: manually batch the tube in this batch, change the knife online, change the order of the copying, or change the width ±1-2mm (usually the latter is selected to facilitate the core tube Operator), and then reset, the next batch will be automatically managed.

Generally, it is only necessary to change the knife once online. This class has tried to change the knife online three times in a row.

2. Common abnormalities of rewinding machine 2. The knife is changed correctly, the core tube has reached the ready position, and the sensing limit position also senses that there is a core tube, but it does not start automatic down tube. Solution: Reset, manual tube loading in this batch, online tool change, when manual tube change is successful, check whether the limit near the tube pushing cart position is interfered by damaged paper, check OK, drive, reset after acceleration, automatic, It should be fine.

3. The operator took over the tube too fast, and did not pay attention. If there is a tube in the track, the reset data is reset, and the next batch of core tubes is automatically generated, which causes the protection of the motor of the pusher trolley. Don't worry, after removing the paper, all the core tubes in the track are taken out, and the push tube trolley is manually driven to the initial position on the inner touch screen, and the abnormality is released.