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Prospects for the development of technology related to automatic cutting table
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-03-12

Automatic cutting tableWith the continuous development of information technology, digital technology is playing an increasingly important role in different fields. The same is true in the packaging industry. After continuous progress in the technology of domestic film slitters, there are obvious breakthroughs in speed, width, control and comprehensive performance. Digitalization has also become an important direction for the development of domestic slitters. Many packaging materials often go through multiple processes such as slitting-printing (or coating)-composite-slitting before being used for packaging items, but the cutting method in each slitting process is different, common slitting The methods are:

(1) Trimming, cutting off the technological margin reserved for the previous process, mostly used for the processing of composite films and other materials;

(2) Cut and divide the wide-width coil into multiple rolls with narrow specifications;

(3) Divide the roll, divide the material with large diameter into several rolls with small diameter, which is equivalent to rewinding and so on. These methods are sometimes mixed. Regardless of the process used, the material after slitting should meet the corresponding technical indicators: size requirements (referring to the width and length of the slitting material) and quality requirements (flatness of the coil, Surface quality, etc.). Manufacturing and purchasing qualified slitting equipment must not only meet these technical indicators, but also must consider the following two factors: operating efficiency, mainly including the working speed, stability and difficulty of machine operation of the equipment; economic performance, refers to the equipment With the continuous development of packaging technology and the improvement of packaging grades, the scope of application of materials, the processing limit size, the price of equipment, and energy consumption have increased. The performance requirements of packaging materials on packaging materials have become increasingly prominent, and many materials with special properties have appeared. Such as aluminum film with shading effect and high surface quality requirements, CPP film with large elongation, multi-material composite film with high barrier performance, etc. The continuous application of various new materials promotes the rapid development of the flexible packaging market. The growth of market demand and the development of special application fields have made the requirements for packaging materials slitting higher and higher, and the requirements for slitting equipment are becoming more and more demanding. On the other hand, with the gradual promotion of automated packaging equipment in the packaging industry, such as food packaging, cigarette packaging, etc., these are very picky about the quality of the material after slitting, which gives the slitting machine high grade and high precision Control has brought vast room for development.

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