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Basic knowledge points of rewinding machine printing
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-05-15

1. The rewinder adjusts the printing pressure. In the offset printing process, the two adjacent cylinders of the printing plate, the three rubber cylinders and the embossing cylinder are in contact with each other and are squeezed to play the role of transfer. In order to transfer the ink to the printing paper normally, the continuous tone text, lines, images and halftone dots of the graphic part are actually copied. In addition to the surface contact of the two cylinders, these prints must also be printed with the necessary printing pressure effect. The importance of printing pressure and the accuracy of adjustment will directly determine the size of the ink color and the depth of image transfer and printing dot reproduction. In the self-adhesive printing process, it is necessary to adjust the center distance between the impression cylinder and the rubber cylinder, and the center distance of the cylinder can be increased by about 0.2 to 0.4 mm. If the paper changes from thick to thin, the reduced thickness (that is, the thickness of the liner removed from the printing plate) should be added to the rubber roller; if the paper changes from thin to thick during the printing process, the rubber roller liner A certain thickness should be subtracted, and then the corresponding thickness on the plate cylinder liner should be increased.
When installing the printing plate, the winder should be compacted and compacted to prevent relative slippage during the printing process. In production, the ideal printing pressure is usually controlled at about 0.15-0.25mm. It must be emphasized that the ideal printing pressure is at a certain level. When the printing surface is compressed and deformed, the embossing of the graphic part of the printing plate is firm enough on the paper, and relatively small pressure is used based on clear and complete dots.

2. When printing stickers, please pay attention to the adjustment of the paper feeding part. The air volume of the suction nozzle and blowing nozzle of the paper transport unit should be increased accordingly.

3. The separation nozzle and the feeding nozzle should be replaced with larger diameter and thicker rubber rings to achieve the purpose of stable feeding, and the feeding roller will not swing.

4. Since the thickness of the printed self-adhesive label is two-layer coated paper, the thickness of the paper should pay attention to the gap between the two-page controller. The distance between the pressure tongue of the side gauge and the front gauge and the cardboard should be increased.

5. The distance between the output tooth pad and the surface of the impression cylinder of the rewinder and the distance between the output tooth pad and the cardboard should be increased. The distance should be equal to the thickness of the paper plus 0.3 mm.