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Specific information about single-axis automatic cutting table
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-04-10

Although everyone usually comes into contact with the single-axis automatic cutting table, do you know the specific information of the single-axis automatic cutting table?

Today, we will learn about it.

The scope of application of the single-axis automatic cutting table: suitable for cutting PVC, OPP, PE, masking paper, double-sided tape, kraft paper tape, cloth base, foam and other tapes.
1. All parts of the single-axis automatic cutting table are controlled, and the panel is controlled; the operation uses the LCD touch screen, and various parameters and functional conditions can be directly input on the screen.
2. Adopting silicon solution cooling system: avoid sticking the cutter head to ensure smooth cutting.
3. The stroke is driven by a servo motor, equipped with precision ball screws and linear slides. The stroke of the cutter head is stable and the positioning is accurate.
4. The stepper motor adjusts the angle of the cutter. When the cutting surface of the product is not flat, the cutting angle can be directly adjusted to ensure the quality of the product.
Single-axis automatic cutting table technical parameters: machine width 1.0M1.3M 1.6M, cutting accuracy ±0.1mm, relatively large cutting diameter 400mm, cutting tube outer diameter 1" -3", relatively small cutting width 1-3mm, round knife diameter Φ250Φ300Φ350Φ400