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What is the cause of the paper sticking in the slitter rewinder?
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-01-06

DivideWinderThe installation of the slitter rewinder should check the integrity of the machine after unpacking, check for damage during transportation, etc. After checking for damage, you can install the correction level on a flat and solid basis. When all of us operate and use slitting and rewinding machine, what are the common causes of paper sticking on the rewinding machine?

1: The speed ratio is different. In order to save costs, some manufacturers adopt the processing method of fine grain as the surface and large grain as the interlayer, which also causes the problem of paper sticking in the rewinding machine.

2: The raw materials are not enough, and the cheap half-wood pulp shaft is used. Due to the large amount of impurities, it is prone to paper sticking during use.

The lifting and lowering mechanism of the rewinder should rise and fall steadily, parallel up and down, the bottom knife roller and the upper knife shaft should be parallel to the bottom roller, the distance from the bottom roller should be accurate, and the rotation is flexible. After installing the calibration level of the slitter rewinding machine, comprehensively check whether the parts are intact, whether the connecting bolts are tightened reliably, and whether the moving parts are flexible, and then fill the corresponding lubricating parts with lubricating parts. Turn on the computer after confirming it is correct.