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Analysis of abnormal operation of rewinder
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-06-08

The rewinder is a special equipment for paper and film. The purpose is to sequentially rewind the paper rolls produced by the paper machine (called the original paper rolls). After rewinding, the paper is made into finished paper and transported. At present, the use of AC drives instead of DC drives in rewinders has become the development trend of the paper machinery industry.

The paper roll wound by the rewinder is relatively soft, the inside may be damaged or broken, the edges on both sides are not flat, and the width of the paper web cannot be directly used in paper processing or printing machines. Most paper types (such as newsprint, letterpress paper, wrapping paper, etc.) must pass through the edges of the rewinder, slit, and seam, and rewind on the core of the paper roll to form a finished paper roll of a certain shape. Specifications and a certain degree of tightness before leaving the factory.

The common anomaly of rewinders is that the duplication and length of the core tube are correct. After lowering the core tube to the front of the track, the trolley will not push the core tube to the corresponding position at the rear. The core tube accumulation at the front automatically stops. The reason for the abnormality: unknown (no abnormality in the instrument control check), solution: manually batch test tubes in this way, change the knife online, change the reading order, or change the width to ±1-2mm (usually ±1-2mm) (In order to facilitate the core management operator), and then reset, it will automatically manage the next batch.

Usually, you only need to change the knife online. Try to change the knife online three times in a row. One type of normal use. It is suspected that this may be a procedural issue.

There are two common abnormalities of the rewinder. The knife is changed correctly, the core tube has reached the ready position, and the sensing limit position also senses the presence of the core tube, but it will not start the automatic lowering of the tube. Solution: reset, manually feed the tube in batches, replace the knife online, after the knife is successfully replaced, manually check whether the limit near the position of the tube push cart is disturbed by damaged paper, check and confirm, drive, reset after acceleration, automatic, should be no problem.

The operator took over the tube too quickly without notice. When there is a tube in the track, the reset data is reset, and the next batch of core tubes is automatically generated. Don’t worry, after removing the paper, remove all the core tubes in the track. Take them out, manually drive the push tube trolley to the initial position on the internal touch screen, and eliminate the abnormality.