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Discussion on the use of tape slitting machine
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2018-03-08

Some users are usingTape slitting machineDuring the process, I encountered this or that kind of problem. Next, we will share some relevant knowledge for you, and hope to help everyone. Firstly, the knife loading method of a slitting machine is the sleeve method, and the knife gap is 2 wires (that is, the gap between two adjacent blades). The blade used has an outer diameter of 130mm and a thickness of 2mm, which is a disc blade. The flatness and thickness tolerance are within 2 microns.

During the operation of the slitting machine, the blade axis and the end face are within 5 microns, and the sheared material specifications are: 0.25mm thick and 40mm wide oxygen-free copper Vickers hardness 110, the requirements are divided into 3 A narrow strip of 12mm wide. After production, it was found that after slitting, there is always a strip of material.

Simply put, in fact, during the operation of the slitter machine, the blanking process is not smooth. It feels like it is stuck between the two blades, and then the blank is forced to fall under the action of the tension of the winder, which leads to the belt The edges of the wood are wrinkled. So, what is the problem? From the above introduction, the first thing to consider is the hardness of the sheared material.

In addition, the two issues to be considered are the blade pitch of the slitter and the blade selection. In fact, the main reason for the above problem lies in the choice of blade. The slitter usually chooses a narrow knife because it is not economical to use a full-width cutting edge for the vertical belt to be processed for tens of millimeters or more. Therefore, the narrow knife can save the expensive knife material and can also perform slitting.

If the material to be cut is relatively narrow and the amount of material used in the blade is small, then it may be better to directly use a 12 mm full-width blade. This not only simplifies the installation operation, but also makes the slitter equipment run more smoothly.