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How to maintain and maintain the rewinding machine
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-05-24

WinderFixed personnel must operate the packaging machinery and equipment, and be able to master the start-up and bag-making procedures, will be simple instrument debugging, change parameters, etc.; mechanical instrument debugging personnel must undergo strict manufacturer training to be able to master instrument performance and working procedures , Operation mode, working state, common faults troubleshooting and handling; It is strictly forbidden to operate computer meters without personnel. The daily maintenance of the rewinding machine must ensure that the inside and outside of the computer instrument box are clean and dry; regularly check that the wiring terminals are not loose or fall off. Ensure that the circuit and gas path are smooth.

The basic cleaning of the rewinder includes:

1. The rewinding machine should clean the metering part in time after shutdown, for example, the packaging is granulated sugar, Banlangen granules, table salt, etc. It must be ensured that the feeding tray and turntable are cleaned every shift so that they will not be corroded.

2. For the heat sealer body, it should be cleaned frequently to ensure that the texture of the seal of the rewinding machine is clear.

3. The photoelectric tracking light head, that is, the electric eye, should also be cleaned regularly to ensure small errors in cursor tracking.

4. The scattered materials on the material tray should be cleaned up in time to keep the machine parts clean.

5. Regularly clean the dust in the electric control box to prevent faults such as poor contact. The newly installed rewinding machine must check and fasten the transmission and moving parts within one week of use, refueling and maintenance; after that, it must be regularly checked and maintained every month.

Basic maintenance of rewinding machine:

1. The rewinder regularly checks the screws of various parts of the packaging machine to avoid loosening.

2. Pay attention to the waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and rat-proof of the electrical parts. The electrical control box and the terminals must be kept clean to prevent electrical failure.

3. When the rewinding machine is stopped, the two heat sealing rollers should be in the open position to prevent the packaging material from being scalded.

4. Regularly lubricate the gear meshing points of the rewinding machine, the oil injection holes of the seated bearings and the moving parts with oil. When adding lubricating oil, please be careful not to drip oil on the transmission belt to prevent slippage or aging damage to the belt.

Rewinder performance characteristics

1. The rewinding machine adopts PC or manual control, with reliable performance and high degree of automation. Can automatically identify wrong commands to avoid accidents caused by wrong operation.

2. The pre-programmed process program can be locked, so that the operator cannot change it without authorization to ensure the quality of the pressed product.

3. The rewinding machine has the functions of regular mold opening, automatic deflation and automatic pressure compensation.

4. Manual, automatic and electric operation modes are available.

5. The electric heating press uses digital display (pointer type) temperature control to control and display the temperature of the heating plate.

The rewinding machine is suitable for O-rings, mobile phones, computer keyboards, remote controllers and other key products and pressure cookers, rice cooker sealing gaskets, household appliances accessories, food, health, medical equipment accessories. Manufacture of complex silicone and rubber accessories such as pacifiers, medical supplies, health supplies, crafts, toy seals, conductive rubber, automotive rubber parts, industrial rubber parts, medical silicone products, sports equipment, various types of utensils, multilayer molded products, etc. , Processing, etc.

Precautions for operation and maintenance of rewinder

Although the rewinding machine is small, it must be arranged for regular maintenance and storage, and the operator must be familiar with the structure and performance of the machine tool. It is strictly forbidden to use the round rewinding machine for overloading, and the hardened steel and hard steel, high speed steel, alloy steel, castings and non-metallic materials shall not be cut.

1. The blade of the rewinding machine should be kept sharp, and the blade should be blunt or damaged. It should be sharpened or replaced in time. When the operation is performed by multiple people, there should be a special person to command, and coordination should be coordinated. It is forbidden to cut two materials of different specifications at the same time on the rewinding machine, and overlapping cuts are not allowed.

2. The workpiece cut by the rewinder must be placed steadily, not stacked too high, and not allowed to be stacked on the aisle. Remaining materials and waste materials should be cleaned up in time to keep the site clean and tidy.