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Method for automatically cutting foam tape on cutting table
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-12-24

Automatic cutting tableMethod for slitting foam tape

The specific operation is as follows
1. Power on
Check whether the circuit is normal and the machine is operating normally.

2. Set the simulation depth
First enter the simulation page, click simulation to start, select high speed. After the tool holder returns to the original point, operate the manual feed rocker. When the round knife advances to a position about 10 mm away from the cutting spindle sleeve, release the manual feed rocker. Select low speed, and then operate the manual feed rocker to make the round knife contact the casing, and then adjust the mechanical limit in front of the tool holder, the limit distance is about 1mm~2mm. Then click on the simulation confirmation on the screen. (Note that this step must be performed every time the round knife is replaced.)

3. Parameter adjustment
Material thickness: and the thickness of one side of the material, set according to the actual material;
Paper tube thickness: set according to actual paper tube thickness;
Retracting distance: generally set the value to 5~10
Round knife speed: 1200~1500
Spindle speed: 800~1000 (Note: Relative rotation of round knife and spindle)

4. Use of round knife
The choice of knife: the round knife uses a 350mm diameter tungsten steel knife, and the sharp knife surface can ensure the beautiful appearance of the end surface; the use of coolant: because the foam tape has strong viscosity, the coated glue has a certain thickness, easy There is a sticky knife situation, which not only causes great wear on the knife, but also makes the end face cut out unsightly. Therefore, when cutting, it must be ensured that the sprayed anti-sticking liquid fully contacts the blade surface;
Change the knife in time: pay attention to observe the smoothness of the end surface of the tape when cutting, and replace the round knife in time to avoid wasting material. Under normal circumstances, in order to ensure the smoothness of the end surface of the foam tape, the general round knife is used for 24 hours. Sharpen the knife in time to ensure that the sharpness of the round knife can be cut beautifully;
Sleeve replacement: Replace the cutting shaft sleeve in time, cut to a certain degree, it may happen that the tape paper tube is not cut during slitting, or the round knife may directly contact the cutting shaft and hurt the knife. Therefore, the casing should be replaced in time.

5. Maintenance of the machine
Since the slitting foam needs sufficient anti-sticking liquid, there is water around the machine tool holder. After the machine is used, dry the water on and around the machine in time to avoid rust affecting the tool holder movement and machine use; long-term use, If there is a loud sound when the knife holder moves, it is necessary to add oil or butter to the screw slide in time.