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Rewinder startup speed setting
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-12-14

Tape Rewinder Product Overview

Purpose: Model: KH-806 type rewinding machine. Suitable for rewinding of any adhesive material and some non-adhesive materials, such as double-sided tape, masking tape, PVC tape, PET tape, cloth tape, gold finger tape, Mara tape, PE protective film, release paper, etc. . Optional meter wheel length and opposite device, the number of meters is moreaccurate, The roll surface is smoother.

Product features: for the main frame of the machine25mm steel plate combination, beautiful and firm appearance, thickened transmission shaft, enlarged rubber pressure roller, and dual-cylinder lateral control, which can reasonably adjust the position of the pressure roller according to the thickness of the rewinding to ensure the flatness of rewinding with different rewinding diameters . Combined with pneumatic tension, pneumatic brake, and pneumatic support, it has a very obvious upward effect on the rewinding operation of thinner materials (such as protective film, OPP, and some non-glue materials). The operation program has been improved by an automatic and continuous control system. The whole process needs to be completed by one start of the host. The portable raw material rack makes the operation more convenient and efficient. The host uses a 4KW three-phase asynchronous motor with a 1:10 reducer, and is controlled by a frequency converter from Taiwan for stepless speed regulation and operation. The stability is good, and the torque of the machine is doubled, which is suitable for the rewinding of some highly viscous materials.

Set the rewinding speed according to the rewinding of different materials, including rewinding tension, adjusting the unwinding tension according to the diameter of the parent roll, and starting speed. There is a need to adjust the tension of the two rewinding. Take the common double-sided tape as an example, the roll is too tight, it seems to be no problem when rewinding, but when slitting, such as slitting intoWhen the width is 1mm or 2mm, the product has a hat shape, which results in the product failing. The material with a smaller thickness of the protective film has a certain stretch type, and the tension control is more strict. Therefore, when purchasing the machine, the test machine must be learned by long-term start-up workers and debuggers to adjust the parameters required for the materials.

Working principle of rewinding machine

The rewinding machine stabilizes the linear speed of the paper web conveyed by the paper feed belt. The paper feeding belt of the rewinding machine is driven by a triangle belt through a stepless speed regulation wheel. When the output torque of this type of speed regulation wheel is large, the transmission triangle belt is located close to the outer edge of the speed regulation wheel, the transmission speed will be more stable. In order to achieve such a stable transmission effect, the speed ratio of the winding roller can be slowed down gradually by adjusting the speed ratio of the main gearbox, and at the same time adjusting the speed control handwheels of the original paper feed belt, so that the three sets of transmission triangle belts are in Reasonable position of the outer edge of the stepless speed regulation wheel until the linear speed of the winding roller and the paper feeding belt are consistent.

After the rewinding machine adjusts the paper gap of the paper press roller, the paper web will be smoothly transported between the paper feeding belt and the take-up roller. The rear platen roller is the middle link of the paper web transfer process. If the adjusted gap is too small, the paper web is easy to wrinkle and sag. When the gap is too large, the three-layer paper webs do not fit together and are easy to delaminate and break, which affects the speed of the paper web and Rewind quality. When adjusting the platen roller, the platen gap should be gradually increased from small to large, so that the paper web is just not wrinkled or sagged, and the positioning screw can be locked.

The rewinder adjusts the curved shaft behind the punching knife. The curved shaft is used as a transition shaft for the entire paper to stretch smoothly before the paper web is wound. The level of its position and the size of the working arc not only affect the smoothness of the paper web, but also affect the stability of the paper web transport. When the arc-shaped shaft is too high, the paper web is scratched by the punching surface knife, and the paper shakes easily to break the paper. When the position is too low, the paper web is scraped to the punching low knife and is easy to break. Generally adjust the height of the arc-shaped shaft so that when the paper web passes through the punching knife, the bottom layer is higher than the punching bottom knife5~8 mm is suitable. The smaller the working radius of the curved shaft, the better, as long as the paper is not wrinkled.

Adjust the internal gear chain and external chain of the main gearbox to make the transmission of the whole machine more stable. When the toilet paper rewinding machine is in operation, it automatically controls the frequent start and stop through the automatic acceleration and deceleration program, and completes the automatic trimming and sealing and the roll change action, so the stability of the transmission speed ratio of the gearbox is higher. By tightening its internal tooth chain and external chain, it can avoid the chain slipping and jumping teeth, making the speed ratio more stable during frequent acceleration and deceleration. The upper edge of the tensioned chain can be turned up and down with a tool5~8mm is suitable.