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Detailed explanation of rewinding machine vibration
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-12-14

Rewinding machine: It is a kind of special equipment suitable for paper, mica tape, and film. Its main purpose is to rewind the paper roll (generally called the original paper roll) produced by the paper machine in sequence. The paper is made after rewinding. Finished paper leaves the factory.

Status: Replacing the DC drive with AC drive in the winder has become a trend in the paper machinery industry.

Reason: The paper roll wound by the winder is loose, there may be broken or broken inside, the outside edge is uneven, the width of the paper web, etc. can not be directly used in paper processing or printing machines, most paper types (Such as newsprint, letterpress printing paper, packaging paper, etc.) must be cut through the rewinding machine, slitting, joints, re-rolled on the core of the paper roll to form a finished paper roll with the corresponding specifications and corresponding tightness requirements before it can be shipped.

Problem: The rewinding machine often suffers from vibration problems and is noisy


1. Whether the roller body is tested for dynamic balance;

2. Whether the bearing clearance is adjusted;

3. If the supporting plate is thick enough, dynamic balance is the key. If there is a chuck, if the seat is a hydraulic cylindermoreWell, it is generally a mechanical problem, and the accuracy of processing is not enough.