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Characteristics and operation process of fully active toilet paper rewinding machine
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2019-12-24

Rewinder, toilet paper production equipment. It is a special equipment for processing toilet paper. Its purpose is to rewind the base paper (called big shaft paper) produced by the paper machine in sequence. After the paper is rewinded, it is cut into small rolls to make finished paper and leave the factory. . Can be divided into fully active toilet paper rewinding machine and semi-active toilet paper rewinding machine. The fully active toilet paper rewinding machine uses the world's most advanced PLC computer programming technology, man-machine interface operation, frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric paper cutting active gluing, equipped with a variety of functional equipment on the machine, active spraying, frequency conversion speed regulation, edge banding, Once the trimming is completed, the labor intensity of the workers is reduced, and the product quality is improved. It is an aspiring device for producing hygienic rolls.

The operation process of the fully active toilet paper rewinding machine: first put the material paper on the paper feed frame (three-axis paper). The paper feed frame has an active paper feeding device and a paper feeding device, and then passes the paper to the paper feed roller. There is a bar device in front to flatten the paper, and then a punching device and then a roll guide device. There are hollow paper shaft devices on both sides of the roll guide roller to make centerless roll paper. The roll paper is finished by the guide roller and the pressure roller repeatedly guiding the roll (the tightness of the roll paper is adjusted according to customer requirements, and is easily adjusted by air pressure control). When the roll paper reaches a certain standard, the machine will actively park and roll the roll paper actively. Separate the roll paper through the paper cutter, and seal the active glue together after cutting the paper. After the entire program is completed, the machine will restart automatically after the delay of starting up to the time. After the finished product is cut, the paper will be cut into rolls of different standards by the big saw (customer requires cutting). The whole process is controlled by computer programming PLC and frequency conversion.

Counting features of the fully active toilet paper rewinding machine: frequency conversion speed regulation, photoelectric, pneumatic control are adopted, which integrate embossing, punching, winding, active gluing, cutting, sealing, and active edge blowing, to ensure smooth winding. Active trimming, gluing and sealing are completed at the same time, so that the roll paper is transferred to the band saw machine to cut the packaging to reduce paper loss, thus greatly improving the production efficiency and the grade of the finished product.

The toilet paper rewinding machine can increase the functions of rolling and embossing. The more functions, the more precise the processing requirements, and the higher the price of the equipment. However, the special functions of the rewinding machine processed embossed toilet paper or embossed toilet paper are also targeted at some parts. Customers, if local customers do not like to use this kind of tissue, they can not customize these functions.

From the above description, I believe that we now have some understanding of toilet paper processing equipment, but the need to clarify is that sometimes we choose machinery and equipment not only by the price, but also by the manufacturer’s after-sales, because even the best equipment can not guarantee No problems in the future, it is very important to understand the manufacturer's solutions and emotions when problems arise.