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The tape slitting machine has characteristics and acceptance and debugging work
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2020-11-20

The tape slitting machine is a very high-precision cutting equipment. It can automatically switch the working mode according to the nature of the board, the failure rate is low, the rigidity of the mechanical structure is effectively improved, the vibration amplitude of the slitting knife is reduced, and the quality of the finished product is improved. After purchasing and receiving the slitter, it needs to be accepted and debugged. The whole process is very important. The following editor will introduce the relevant content in detail.

1. Slitting machine has characteristics

1. The slitting unit adopts a programmable design, and automatically switches the working mode of the production line according to the nature of the printing plate, which can greatly improve the production efficiency and reduce the number of maintenance.

2. The telescopic hydraulic cylinders of the suspended decoiler and winder adopt an integrated design, which has a low failure rate.

3. The main shafts of the uncoiler, slitting machine and winding machine are equipped with a high-efficiency disc tension brake combination, which is adjusted by a pneumatic circuit and automatically performs instantaneous tension braking under certain conditions to prevent the coil from being loosened and removed .

4. The clamp feeder automatically feeds materials and can automatically synchronize with the production line.

5. The main machine of the slitting machine adopts an integrated frame and an independent transmission structure, which can effectively improve the rigidity of the mechanical structure, while reducing the vibration amplitude of the slitting blade and improving the quality of the finished product.

6. The amplitude accuracy of the reference plane of the longitudinal axis is within 0.006mm, which can better extend the service life of the tool and ensure the accuracy of the finished product.

7. The winding adopts tension winding and has a slip structure, which can effectively improve the stability of mechanical operation.

8. The direct pressure tension damping structure uses wool felt with good elasticity and high friction coefficient as the fabric to ensure the smooth operation of the equipment during the production process; in addition, it is also equipped with a pressure balance device to balance the pressure on both sides of the pressure surface.

9. The separation and compression mechanism adopts hydraulic adjustable back pressure combination to stabilize the pressure and automatically rise as the diameter of the coil increases, and always effectively compress the steel coil.

10. The self-tension design of the finished roll can improve the tightness of the finished roll.

2.Tape slitting machinePreparation for commissioning

1. Completed in cooperation with the equipment manufacturerTape slitting machineThe static accuracy test.

2. Use a ruler, preferably a square rod, to initially measure the shoulder difference between the two cutter shafts. The cross section of the square rod is about 40 mm or 50 mm square, and its length is 40 to 50 mm larger than the diameter of the blade.

3. After understanding the deviation, select two sets of thin rings from the thin rings provided by the blade supplier, make their difference equal to the deviation, and then install them on the cutter shaft to offset the deviation. If you cannot find a suitable one, please redo it.

4. After completing this operation, the operator has the conditions to complete the gap cutting. Cutting a gap is the basis for all cutting in the future, so it must be explored repeatedly to test whether the difference between the two thin rings is accurate.

A gap cannot be used as a long-term trimming ring for a gap, because the cutting of a gap also includes the factor of whether the selected cutting gap is correct, it will mislead you, and only try to cut paper of different thickness under different gaps. The selected gap is correct. Only in this way can the two sets of thin rings be fixed, and they will always be used to trim shoulder and back deviation.

5. After the above work is completed, the whole machine can be debugged and trial-produced according to the requirements of the original contract.

6. The knives and tools required for debugging must be taken out in an orderly manner according to the specifications and quantities required by the tool matching software. When the knife is taken, someone must check it. Be sure not to serve more or less. If it is installed more or less, if it is installed incorrectly, the blade will be scratched.