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Detailed introduction and instructions for use of slitting machine
Edit:Shenzhen White Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.   PublicDate:2021-03-27

Slitting machine is a machine equipment used to longitudinally cut strips and other materials into multiple strips of required specifications. Therefore, the scope of application of this equipment is cutting work. The rotation of the knife shaft is completed by universal joints, gear boxes, etc., and its driving force is displayed by a DC variable frequency speed change system. Among them, the same gearbox is welded by steel plates and has undergone qualitative treatment.

The slitting machine is clamped by a nut, and has an upper and lower screw nut. Therefore, one question is affirmative. In the slitting machine, the size of the cutter head must match the size of the cutter shaft. Otherwise, the cutter head and cutter shaft will not work properly and cannot fit together, thus endangering all the normal operation of the slitting machine. And the actual cutting effect. The actual operation of the slitting machine can usually be mastered and mastered according to the product manual. When the product is in the original factory, there will be related product manuals for users to inquire. Slitting slitting machine is a kind of slitting machine, so it has basic parameters, which is also certain.

During the work, the customer must frequently check the parts of the roller transmission gear in the slitting machine feeding system software, and determine that the lubrication is good, and immediately fill and replace the oil. In addition, pay attention to check whether there is waste between the rollers and between the transmission gears. If there is, it should be eliminated immediately to ensure everything is normal. It is worth mentioning that during the application of the slitting machine feeding system software, the staff must check and ensure that the screws and nuts in the middle of each tissue have been tightened and there is no loosening problem. In addition, pay attention to check whether the paper feed roller has excellent flatness. In addition to the above, workers must always check whether various parts of the slitting machine's feeding system software are damaged or deformed, and whether the power switch and display on the actual operation control panel are abnormal. If an abnormality is found, it should be handled properly.