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Cutting machine
High Speed Multi-Shaft Cutting Machine
High Speed Multi-Shaft Cutting Machine 2 Shafts~12 ShaftsPower and SpeedHigh Speed Multi-function Multi-Shaft Cutting M...

2 Shafts~12 Shafts

Power and Speed

High Speed Multi-function Multi-Shaft Cutting Machine

to meet all kinds of high requirements for small size materials as well as speed and roll quality.

Capacity efficiency of 1 set equal to capacity of many sets,large savings in energy consumption of artificial sites,cost savings,enhance competitiveness.

Uses and Characteristics: Automatic Cutting Machine,convenient operation,is quickly to learn,easily to use,high precision,fast speed,improve the work efficiency and product quality,low failure rate,easily to maintenance.

The coil cutting machine is used to cut various adhesive tape coils and some cohesionless material coils,for instance,BOPP Tape,Double Sided Tape,Masking Tape,PVC Tape,PET Tape, Duct Tape,PE Foam Tape,3M Tape Series,Polyester Film Tape,Kapton Tape,Mara Silicone Tape,PE Protective Film,Copper Foil,Aluminum Foil,Non-woven Fabric and Release Paper,etc.